the comprehensive way to boost your skills

To keep you and your staff in top form at all times, FUI CHA offers perfect LSR injection moulding machine and mold training in the form of comprehensive know-how transfer: from targeted consulting and a variety of individual seminars and training programs, to informative events. This means that you and your staff can experience, learn and train in an efficient, targeted and practical way anytime – either on-site or at one of our global training centres.

FUI CHA Trainings

learning & training plastics processing in compact modules

Always in top form thanks to FUI CHA trainings: We offer you a variety of qualified training modules for all aspects of operation, maintenance and process engineering. In addition to these standard trainings, we are always happy to create custom trainings and training programs for you: individually tailored to your liquid silicone rubber LSR injection moulding machine and on-site, if so desired.


There is always a possibility of doing things even better. You can benefit from our experience and our passion for optimisation. In collaboration with FUI CHA and our coaching partners, you will be able to pinpoint a better approach to perfecting consistent, reproducible process workflows and achieving even more efficient and cost-effective production.