Revolutionary Liquid Silicone production System- 
This equipment can benefit for baby products,medical-apparatus,keyboard, sealing,electric component&sports...etc,

Liquid silicone rubber has multi-featur,such as LSR can maintain softness under -60Calso can endure 250゚C heat-temp. For LSR Material have many kind of hardness,so it's suitable for making baby products, medical-apparatus, keyboard, sealing, electric component&sports equipment...etc.With the advance of medical-tech and high-tech industry field,according to LSR material quantity use in domestic marketing investigation: 2000 ton/pre-yr., and annual growth up to 10%, which has potential and high development market.

Traditional solid- silicone production 
Traditional production way to made Nipple and computer keyboard…etc. are adopted solid silicone compression production, which were taking more time to forming, having flash problem, labor cost high. Gradually, it’s not match in Taiwan’s high- tech industry and economic benefit. 

New Type for LSR Injection System
Our company has overcame many tech problem. Ex, adopted Horizontal INJ molding technology replaced compression, also LSR machine have dedicate material pipe and adopted spring type nozzle, special seal screw, cooling water circulated externally to collocation with LSR injection production. Significantly, it can reduce manufacturing process and molding time, saving processing cost, one-step molding, no waste and automatic production, promoting production’s benefit.

Fui-Cha Co.,Ltd. has launch a latest LSR injection molding system. Adopted the FCH-LSR injection molding and injection series of machine are collocation with injection screw &supply machine equipment which broken traditional way of solid silicone rubber production. It substantial promote production rate & marketing competition.